[BUG] Shields up prevents users from logging into NFL Game pass (US) on Windows 10

When Shields is enabled, any time I try to log-in to my account I get kicked immediately. The page refreshes and it keeps asking me to log-in again. This stops when I disable Shields.

Not a big deal to me, personally, but I thought I would let you guys know. I reported it using the “report broken site” a few weeks ago but I wasn’t sure how reliant it was so I thought I would mention it here.

Here is a video showing the problem: https://streamable.com/03cwnl

I noticed this issue about a month ago and I’ve never had a problem before using that site.

I initially thought it was a problem with the website and so I waited a few days to check again but it was still happening and so I put in a complaint. Needless to say, that wasn’t the problem.

Here’s a transcript of the brief conversation between the website staff and myself last month.

Jun 30, 2020, 9:55 PM PDT

I have paid for gamepass for about 2 or 3 years now and now every time I try to log in it logs be back out. Every time I log in, the screen will reshresh and still ask me to sign in. This looks like an issue on your end. Are you doing maintenance or something?

I know the name and password is right, I use a password manager, and I have never had a issue until today. I even tried to reset the password but I can’t remember which email I used for this account because I was singed up to NFL.com before I even paid for gamepass. I even tried to login to NFL.com and the same thing is happening.

Thank you for contacting NFL Digital Care regarding being signed or timed out of NFL Game Pass.

Watching NFL Game Pass on multiple computers or devices at the same time with the same account is restricted; so logging an account in on one device will end access on another. If you believe someone else may have access to your credentials, please change your password after singing in at https://www.nfl.com/account by selecting on “Reset Password,” and that may resolve your issue.

Also, this may be related to a local security or antivirus application on your computer or network. Try temporarily disabling any security related applications, as these can incorrectly identify a running live stream as a threat.

If you are still experiencing issues: are you on a home network or a commercial/corporate network? Many businesses have applications in place to thwart video streaming applications.

Lastly, if your Internet connection is dropping below the required 750 kbps download speed necessary to maintain an active session, this would cause the session to end prematurely. This is particularly common for devices connected via WiFi where the WiFi signal fluctuates or drops out.

If you are still having an issue, please let us know.

Thank you for the response and help. I figured out the issue. FYI, it was Brave browsers built-it tracking blocker. After disabling it, I was able to stay logged in.

Good luck everyone. Stay safe.

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i have to disable shield to watch concerts on npr tiny desk also