Your Shields up feature blocks the our whole website



We got complaints from users that when they activate Shields Up feature our whole website is blocked and does not load so in consequesnce they are not able to use our service that they are paying for to create banners. Please remove this immediately, we are not serving any banners from our main domain, we are an online banner creation tool. The only banners that we serve are from our embed codes that are palced on other websites and they are coming from Please stop blocking immediately.



Thanks for reaching out. I’m going to bring this up right now with our dev team and see what we can do to fix that as soon as possible.



Thank a lot, please let me know the outcome when it is done.


Hello again,

Just wanted to let you know that we are currently working on a solution. We plan to this have this patched very soon. I will let you know when it is completely resolved.

Thank you for your patience,


Hello Adge,

Thank you, really appreciate the update!


Hello Adge,

Any updates here? Do you have an estimate for the deployment of the patch?


Please understand that we’re not blockin “”, we’re blocking an ad placed on this page that pings or tracks user data. This is why the page is blocked with Shields up. Your users will notice that both turning Shields down or allowing ads/trackers on your site will cause the site display and function as intended.

This information has been forwarded to the developers for review. We appreciate your patience.