Bug or future trend?

Is it just me or did I somehow miss it…
Did the developers at Brave (beta version ) merge the Brave Shields button with Brave Rewards?
Because I found that I no longer had the Brave Shields button and after many searches when activating Brave Rewards in Appearance tab the Shields button appeared…and when deactivating it both disappear…
Tested on two different pc with the same result so i exclud is something releated to user profile.
Brave Beta version is 1.38.71

Is this you https://teddit.net/r/brave_browser/comments/tqthzf/new_feature_in_beta_need_to_enable_brave_browser/ ?? Just to verify that both of you are the same person, meaning that the bug is seen only on one device.

As the mod said in the comment section, it is a bug and has already been fixed.
On my end on the update beta release [
Version 1.38.75 Chromium: 100.0.4896.60 (Official Build) beta (64-bit)
] there is no such bug.

If it was a feature, then it would have been really scummy behaviour from brave’s side. I personally would have moved to another project.

I’m not the same person.
And it was a bug that persisted for several versions, from 1.38.67 to the latest version 1.38.75.

I updated my Brave Beta from 1.38.71 to 1.38.75 and that issue no longer exists.
Hiding Brave Rewards doesn’t hide the Brave Shields icon.

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