[BUG] Missing print dialogue in Google Slides (only save as pdf)

Brave can’t print Google Slides. It only allows for “save as pdf”, forcing use of Chrome instead. Am I reporting this in the right place, or where else? Is there a better category to mark it with?

Brave goes straight into “save as pdf”:

Chrome shows the correct/expected print dialogue:


What device you have? A screenshot is wellcome.

I’m on Win 11 Home ed, an Acer Swift machine but the problem was the same on my previous machine (another brand, and probably Win 10).

@CerealLover - On your machine, do you get the proper dialogue to show when you click the print button, not just “save as pdf”?

Does the below screenshot show what you’re looking for? The print button that you encircle in your shot is indeed the button I use, or via File>Print


Open Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Devices and Printers, and check if ‘Microsoft Print to PDF’ is default the printer. If not installed, try installing a virtual printer

Thank you. I take it that I should ensure that Microsoft Print to PDF is not the default, right?

But, regardless, it seems that if I set that printer or any of the my installed printers as default, the behaviour in the OP remains. (Or when you say “virtual printer” do you mean something other than the regular printers that I have installed? The described problem occurs regardless if I am on the LAN that has those printers or if I’m in somewhere else.)

But still, do others actually not have the problem I describe in the OP? Do others get the print dialogue when printing from Google Slides?

Thank you for your kind help!


In your case, you are right, you should set you local or network printer as the default printer.

Again, thank you @CerealLover - but the problem persists. A local printer is set as default (see screenshot) and I’ve also restarted the computer… but, nope.

@ anybody - can anybody confirm that they succeed in getting the proper print dialogue in, specifically, Google Slides on Brave?