Wallet Mobile Bug

the mobile version wallet has an error in the swap function. It is known that before performing a swap, the token must be approved with a tx. But the problem is that the brave wallet asks for approval over and over again and you can never do the swap, you just spend senseless gas. They must fix this before releasing it to the public, otherwise they must clarify that this is an alpha or beta version.

Hey @ismael.rocha.brav,

Is this issue occurring on the iOS or Android version of Brave?

Hello, in the Android version.

Hey @ismael.rocha.brav, thank you for reporting (and @StephenHeaps for escalating) this issue and apologies for the inconvenience caused by this issue.
I have been able to test activate (approve USDC then swap USDC to Dai on ropsten) token and swap on brave release (1.43.94) and nightly version successfully.
Would be great if you can share the exact steps or preferably images or a gif etc., of the issue.

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