"Bug": Embeded YouTube Functionality Broken

This is either a bug report or a feature request, please relocate/tag as needed:

When viewing an embedded YouTube video on third party sites the “Watch Later” and add to a playlist functionality is broken by default unless allowing all third party cookies.

There are optional exceptions in settings for social logins, I believe an exception should also be added for YouTube cookies. Even better let users decide to whitelist any third party cookie, perhaps even on a per-site basis like Privacy Badger. As it is users must allow all third party cookies if they want to interact with YouTube videos around the web, which is a nasty decision to have to make.

If you go to the site the YouTube video is embedded in, you can allow 3p cookie access by clicking on the Shields icon in the address bar, and change the Cookie setting to Allow all cookies. This will change the cookie protection only for that site:

It would be better if there was a way to continue blocking external cookies, except for those that come from YouTube. That would be one setting that would work across the web. Plus, it would still mean that other external cookies would be blocked on Reddit, or whatever other pages we want to set this up on. Is there a way to do that?

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Use the Shields panel to set per-site Shields and in addition, you can go to brave://settings/content/cookies and block/whitelist individual cookies from individual site.

@Geneocide That’s exactly what I’m suggesting. There’s a way to do that for some of the top social networks, but YouTube with it’s 2 billion users has somehow unfortunately not made that cut. I’d argue it’s an enormous omission that results in a major piece of the web being broken for users by default, which goes against the Brave ethos that established the existing social login exceptions.

Ultimately letting users specify their own cookies they’d like to allow on per-site and global basis would be best as it would prevent someone else 6 months from now coming on here saying “Yeah but TikTok” or “Yeah but Twitch”. But in the short term it would surely be vastly quicker/easier to add an exception for what is again the second (and nearly first) largest social network in the world with over 2 billion users, that is embedded into more sites than almost any other service - YouTube.

@Mattches is this something you can forward to the team who works on this, or should I be better served posting this as a feature suggestion? I’m not looking to debate “is this a bug or a feature”, I guessed bug because this seemed to go against what Brave is trying to do, but it’s seeming more to me that this is more legitimately a feature suggestion.

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