BUG: Adding a video to 'Watch later' on YouTube while watching a video now requires a page reload

While playing a video on YouTube, it should be possible to add a video from the recommended videos list at the side to the ‘watch later’ playlist by tapping on the lower right hand corner of the chosen video’s thumbnail.

This is still possible in chrome but in brave 1.0.61 for Android that behavior now just causes the link to open. In order to trigger the proper action, I have to reload the page, after which these buttons will once again work as they should. Unfortunately, I have to do this every time I switch to a new video, so this is quite tedious and takes a lot of time. This is a bizarre new bug that absolutely impairs my ability to enjoy YouTube on brave.

I like to watch YouTube using brave because the browser can block ads and I can speed up the videos faster than 2x by using a bookmarklet. The speed gains are muted if I have to load the page twice before it can function normally. Please look into this, thanks!

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