Browser won't delete profile

I accidentally created a new profile and don’t need it. I now have 3 on my browser. The main one I use, the backup one I use that has personal stuff saved on it and then the 3rd that I don’t want. I’ve deleted it before but every time I restart my machine, it comes right back.


Can you provide some additional information? Which OS – Win7 or win10? When you go to delete it, you’re removing it using the Profile manager itself?

Win 10.

I go to Manage Profiles, then click the menu on Profile 3 (3 dots) then select Remove Profile.

Just tested on my end using the same method and the profile seems to have stayed removed. Can you try removing the profile data manually from the User Data directory?

You’ll find this in ~\Users\ [your user name] \AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\UserData
From there, if you have three profiles you use, your main browsing profile data will be in the Default folder and you should have a Profile 2 and Profile 3 folder, containing browsing data for the others.

Delete the Profile 3 folder, go to the Profile manager again, 3 dots icon --> Remove profile – now try rebooting and see if the change sticks.

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