Browser Freeze when open files from downloads

If I download a file, and open that file or the parent folder from the ‘download panel’ in the button of the browser window, The file / folder is opened correctly but the browser is freezed. Until I close the opened program, the browser resume.

The browser seems to call external program to open the file in block-and-wait manner.

Steps to reproduct the bug:

  1. Make sure nemo is not already running by running nemo -q in shell
  2. Download a file from the internet
  3. After the downloads is finished, from the bottom menu of downloaded files, click the folder icon button to open the directory of the newly downloaded file
  4. You should see the folder is opened, in my case nemo, the file explorer
  5. Try to click on the windows of the brave browser, all windows of brave are freezed with no response
  6. kill nemo externally by running nemo -q in shell
  7. The tabs of brave browser should resume, and the click made during the freezing will be received instantly


  1. Run your file explorer at the background before opening the folder of downloaded file (e.g. nemo)
  2. Run your document software at background before opening the downloaded (document) file (e.g. Libreoffice, Evince)

I assume you are still running 0.25.2 which is a deprecated version. Since you are on Linux (not sure which distro) request you to kindly upgrade to the stable supported version from here.

Coming back to the issue, if the file size is too large then the file is being handled using the same browser process which causes it to freeze. This is a known issue on the muon browser. Also not sure why you are trying to kill the process in the first step? Since you killed the process in the first step the second time its launched its being triggered via the browser process which might be causing the issue.

Request you to kindly upgrade to the new version as the muon version would not have any support going forward.

I killed nemo to reproduce the issue. My environment does not start nemo by default (I’m using awesome without auto start-up applications).
I think it is not a good approach to start a process using block-and-wait manner, right?

I just updated brave-bin in archlinux, I prefer the old version instead of the current one. The setting page is buggy or even uncompleted.