Browser Constantly Crashing on Windows 10

Webpages timing out with constant regularity and browser crashing. Not part of a sync chain and there are no bug reports.

what do ya know… just crashed again!!!


What type of device you have?

For Windows PC:

  • Disable Firewall.
  • Flush DNS (hold Windows button+R, ENter cmd, then Enter ipconfig/flushdns).
  • Go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc, and check (image)hosts file by opening it with bloc-notes.
  • Open Brave and clear Browsing Data.
  • Disable extensions and restart browser.


Im on a Windows 10 PC - I followed your instructions above to the letter. We’ll see how it goes - thanks

still crashing, what a pain in the neck. i think your browser is toast.

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