Broken topbar layout on webapps

I am a linux user, and much of what I do through Brave is through webapps, for my email, social media and websites that I visit very often I almost always select the option to open in a new window, I feel that the interface is much cleaner. and improves my viewing on smaller screens. However, I have experienced a small problem. I configure my title bar buttons on the left, as it does on apple systems. And the result is as below:

As you can see, it is not the best experience. I wonder if it would not be possible to make a top bar as it usually is by separating the window title from the buttons. Like this:


This is about usability consistency, I think. I can move the buttons to the right, of course, but doing so because of something so small is daunting.

Additionally, a feature that could be included in the future is opening links within tabbed webapps, certainly something much more specific than what I say above, but when I’m opening more than one topic here in the community at the same time or just checking a link posted here or on other webapps, I don’t want to open a brave window for it, or have to open the link and not be able to return to the page it was previously on.