Braves Rewards - Uphold

Good evening, by this means I communicate with you in order to request your help. I want to connect my account with Uphold and use brave rewards, but I can’t because I don’t have a verified account with Uphold. However, I was in contact with Uphold to corrobate that information and it turns out that I do have my account verified.

Use Gemini. It’s much better

try deleting cookies and cache on your browser.

i had the same problem, and after refreshing the cookies i got a new message saying my brave profile was ‘flagged’ and brave would not allow me to connect to uphold or gemini. i believe this to be a false flag that’s been put on thousands of profiles and is leading to the massive rewards problems lots of users have experienced all year.

try it out

p.s. gemini is definitely worse than uphold. would not recommend. i’m moving back to uphold after experiencing gemini.

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