Brave Browser Dark Mode Issue on IOS

When I go to YouTube inside of brave the background is white and not black, I updated the app and then it broke dark mode! Yes the setting is on Dark Mode inside of brave settings. However it is still white even tho its set to dark. (Full Dark MODE) After updating, I really regret updating because now it’s broken and can’t be fixed unless you come out with a patch for it. I hope you can fix this really soon!

Also inside of Youtube within brave, I was wondering if you could make the default resolution 720p instead of 360p or even some times 240p because of AUTO every video I click on is 360p!! and I have switch the resolution for every video by Hand! If you would try to watch at 360p no one would be using brave just to watch YouTube Videos because the main YouTube app is way better, if you decide to do something about it, this will allow you have more people use brave hopefully. I think you might as well add 1080p because honestly 720p is still low!

I really hope you can fix the dark mode problem and maybe add way better resolution to YouTube videos as well… You should try watching with 360p, I mean really. I want to see brave succeeded and it is but has long way to go before it gets better.

Lastly I have using brave since December 2018, way before the AD Revenue was even a thing, I believe in you all. GREAT JOB! Hope these issues can be tweaked or fixed.

Mr. Waste

:point_up: This is actually not because of Brave – Youtube has set all video content to 360p resolution by default in order to help with increasing bandwidth issues during the Covid-19 crisis.

I’m very confused by this – can you elaborate a bit and perhaps share a screenshot of the issue you’re describing? What exactly do you mean when you say it “broke”?

Do you mean Brave or google?

I have been using brave on YouTube way before this Covid-19 ever started. The Auto was still set at 360p.

Do you see the background, before the update it was dark but now its white

On my end, I’m seeing video content on YT default to 720p resolution on my iOS device. Can you try clearing cache/site data for Youtube and see if the problem persists? Additionally, you can set how/what resolution you want your videos to display in your YT account settings as well, which you may want to chceck.

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