Brave won't display bybit site

brave won’t display I’m told brave is a better browser than chrome but brave is useless to me if it won’t display a website. Can brave display bybit? If so, how can I achieve that? Thanks in advance for any help.

Also you need to provide more info.
Like what OS you’re using, does this happen on any other Brave installations you have, etc.

Also, anyway, the website does work on mine. Could you try it in a private window?
If that works, please disable extensions and if that works, try enabling one extension at a time to check if that’s the issue.
If that doesn’t work, create a new profile and try

Hello @robertlindsay, thank you for bringing this to our attention. Have you tried by turning ON/OFF shields or the option that says block scripts under advanced controls?

Additionally can you please share a screenshot so we can figure out why brave cannot display this website. Thanks in advance.

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