brave web browser does not advertise at all

friends, I’ve been using the brave web browser for 3 days, but I haven’t received any ads and I haven’t had any bats.

Please read through our documentation first as it has a lot of useful information on how to use and configure Brave Rewards:

hey, same for me, got braves for like 2 months, got ads the first day i download it, then nothing, i have uninstall and resintall it, i have put 5 ads/hour, and made everything possible but still nothing for last 2 months
i look at everything on FAQ and other but still not working for me

edit: im in france

Hi, same here as well. I have tried everything on every FAQ I could find, and every Reddit post as well. I set it up on other computers in the household and it is working no problem. Are you using Catalina? There seems to have been some issues with that OS

Hi there,
I’ve the same problem. In the first 3 days I got some ad’s and also 0,01 BAT each time but after that no ads/no BAT’s for last 3 days. I’ve also set the period 5 ads/hour but didn’t help.
What should I do to get new ads and BAT’s ofcourse?

Please see if any of the possible causes listed in the document apply to you:

well got my first ad, was because of Focus Assist enabled on Windows on bottom left of the screen

thanks !

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yesterday i updated Brave to the most recent version and ever since have not had a single ad. Before i was getting at least 5 per hour. Definitely a bug in the newest version. I attempted to roll back using the previous versions but it continues to show
Version 1.20.110 Chromium: 88.0.4324.192 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Well that sucks.

as far as i can tell its the latest version flaws

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