Can I close old uphold and create new uphold

Hi guys I have a question, Is it okay if I close my current uphold account and leave some time and create a new one? I have reached my uphold limit for linking and I have no other choice. Just wanted an opinion on that. Like is that a problem legally or something?

Unable to re-verify wallet - Brave Rewards / Rewards Support - Brave Community

Follow this tutorial to unlink your uphold. And no, you cannot create a new uphold account with the same identity.

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@chh_68 is correct here – attempting to connect your wallets to a new Uphold account will likely make things additionally complicated.

Thank you, I have submitted the request for uphold unlink. How will I get to know that my uphold has been unlinked? Do I get any notification like email or anything? Thank you

Can anyone help with the above question? Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

We will respond to your request with an email when it’s processed.

Thank you.

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