Brave Wallet: How to activate USDT?

Good afternoon, colleagues.

I topped up my USDT wallet on Brave Wallet
through Binance, but for some reason everything is displayed as only $0.06.

The rest of the amount is visible, but I cannot use it, and when I try to top up the balance of the domain register using my USDT wallet, I get an error message: I need to activate USDT.

Please help, what am I doing wrong?

I am going through the same situation. Sent USDT into my brave account, it shows received with correct amount of USDT, but Brave shows USDT to USD rate at less than a cent.

Still trying to find a fix!

I found a temporary fix. Send some ETH into your Brave wallet for gas fee, then use Brave’s Swap feature to swap your USDT into ETH. Lost some $ in gas fee but recovered most of it and sent out of my Brave wallet. Not using that one again anytime soon~

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You’ll laugh, by trying all possible options I also came to a similar decision, as a result of conversion and additional actions with ETH, I lost a little money.

However, it is still interesting how to activate USDT in order to be able to use it to pay for goods and services from your wallet.

Will no one help us with this and explain how to solve the problem?

@mihalzasse, I think the issue is that USDT price is not correct in the wallet. If you have received USDT to an Ethereum address, and have added the asset added as a “visible asset”, the token should be usable (sounds like you and @FortuneW both were able to use the token in the swap page)

Many Web3 DApps will ask you to approve spending of a token in order for them to be used with their smart contract(s). Maybe that was what you were seeing? The incorrect price should not have affected your ability to spend the coin (other than the understandable confusion of seeing a different fiat value).

I also do not see an error message in your screenshot. Can you elaborate more on what you meant by “I cannot use it”?

I have opened an issue regrading the incorrect fiat value for USDT on Ethereum so that the UI makes more sense

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