Brave Wallet as a default for Rewards

I don’t see why we are already not using the brave wallet for the rewards payouts.

Because of the recent regional changes, brave is already losing a lot of users. So, instead of depending on third-party wallet, why not just use yours?

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There are two main reasons why Brave wallet, or any other non-custodial wallet cannot be used.

  1. Brave is an american company, thus subject to american regulations. Brave cannot distribute rewards without KYC. The only way, at the moment, to have KYC done is via a custodial wallet. Otherwise Brave would have to register every single user of their browser, which is unfeasible and unwanted.

  2. BAT is a token in the ethereum network. Transfers or transactions in the network incur in extremely high fees. At the moment BAT is worth 0.3 dollar. No one would pay tens of dollar to send or receive less than 1 dollar. The solution found by Brave was to make agreements with custodial wallets to do the distribution on their behalf. At the moment Brave has agreement with Uphold, Gemini and BitFlyer.

There are mentions in several posts that Brave is working to find alternatives. There are even some who mentioned an announcement may come soon. So, let’s hope that they are able to go over the current limitations and offer us more and better alternatives.
let’s just be patient and keep accumulating BAT in the browser until that day comes.