Brave video player on iOS playlist (assuming also on android) is abnormal

Request for Adopting iOS Native Video Player or Mimicking its Behavior in Brave Playlist

Issue Description

Currently, the video player in the Brave playlist for iOS behaves differently from the native iOS video player, which can be confusing and inconvenient for users accustomed to the native experience. Some notable differences include:

  • Swiping gestures have different functionalities (exiting video or entering Picture-in-Picture mode vs. adjusting volume).
  • The bottom and top utility bars obscure a significant portion of the video content, unlike the minimal/transparent overlays in the native player.

Proposed Solution

To provide a more familiar and consistent user experience, it is suggested that the Brave browser for iOS either:

  1. Adopt the iOS native video player component, or
  2. Mimic the behavior and user interface of the native iOS video player as closely as possible.

By aligning with the established iOS video player conventions, Brave can offer a seamless and intuitive experience for users, eliminating the need to relearn video playback gestures and interactions within the browser.


  • Improved user experience by leveraging familiar iOS video player conventions.
  • Reduced cognitive load for users accustomed to the native video playback experience.
  • Consistency with iOS design principles and guidelines.
  • Potential reduction in user confusion and frustration when interacting with video content in Brave.

Please consider this request to enhance the video playback experience in Brave for iOS by aligning with the established iOS video player conventions.