Please let us disable fullscreen custom players on iOS if they are ever implemented

With the recent update to iPad OS 13, Apple has finally removed the “Disable Fullscreen API” option in the Safari advanced settings, and now video streaming websites all force their custom video players on everyone. These video players are terrible and inconsistent across websites and mostly exist so that unskippable ads and pop up ads can be forced onto users. The native iOS video player is no longer available using Safari on iPad OS 13.

I’ve switched to Brave and am very satisfied with the current state of things since Brave is still using the iOS native video player for fullscreen videos. I would not mind if Brave would just never implement custom fullscreen video players at all becaues they’re all worse than the native iOS player. But I assume that custom video players/fullscreen API is actually something that will be implemented in the future because the Android version of Brave uses custom video players. I hope that in the future if Brave ever decides to implement fullscreen custom players on iOS that the developers will include an option to disable custom video players.