Brave's Built in video player needs change

Hi. I dont know if people really care for requests but i created an account here just to make this post since i couldnt do it anonymously. I love Brave browser and i freakin HATE U.C browser. but the only reason i am forced to use u.c browser is because of its unbelievably amazing video player.

Brave online video player is your average player, every browser is offering it theres nothing special about it + sometimes its actually slow.

Take a look at u.c video player, the player itself takes over the given player by website, what i am saying is that u.c browser uses its own custom designed video player so you can use swipe forward/backward, double touch video pause and many other things including easy full screen. on the other side, brave’s one is just meh.

look if you are going to delete this post because of some rules i dont care, but at least give it a thought this will completely change the user exp.

Have you read this?

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Hi, thanks for the link i had not read it but now i have and its useful. I wish brave team just fix this messy video player so i can kick this ugly uc browser.

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