Brave very response and extremely slow for large files

When first checking brave I thought this is it, nice responsive etc., however when I downloaded gzipped files with a size of 1 Mbyte I felt something was wrong with my internet as it took more than a minute knowing that my speed I get is up to 800MBytes/s. So checked the server and it was spending almost all time in transferring 13.6 waiting and more than a minute in transferring. So I switched back to chrome and the file was there in 13.5 seconds of which the transfer took < 0.5 second. With safari it was even faster like 450 ms download and bit more than 6 s for the server so retried again and brave was around the 6 s for the server wait time and 58 seconds for downloading. So or it has it network settings wrong or is doing some inefficient stuff in between responses. Any idea?

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