Brave Verified Publisher disappeared from my site

My website is showing as verified in my brave publisher account in dashboard but when I am looking up using triangular brave symbol my website is not showing as Verified brave publisher.

Visitors tell me that by clicking on the triangle button my website does not indicate whether or not it is verified. My website now does not indicate “Brave Verified Publisher” by clicking on the triangular brave symbol.

Visitors tell me that only the “Rewards Summary” is shown instead of “Sending a Tip…”

I registered my website on December 10, 2018 and everything was working fine but for about 8 days now I can not receive tips.

How can I solve this problem?

Hi @interpaytrade
Thanks for reaching out. It may you report 2 different issues.

On your Brave it show “unverified” but you still see the “Send tip” button, right?

If you already have it verified, that it should be OK. It may take ~24 hours before it get updated on your Brave. Or you can check it on different computer. Similar logged issue

And this one is different issue where Brave not showing the tip button. They may need to wait a while or left the panel open for a while. We’ve an issue logged for this here

cc @LaurenWags