My website is Showing as verified in my brave publisher account but when i am looking up using triangular brave symbol my website is not showing as Verified brave publisher


in my brave publisher account i had added youtube channel and an website but now when i am looking using triangular symbol given my youtube channel shows as verified brave publisher but for my website it is not showing as verified brave publisher even though i had received the email stating that my website had been verified still it is not showing up as an verified brave publisher
i had added my both youtube and website on 3rd november 2018


I have the same problem with my youtube account, there is no blue tick on it and whenever a friend of mine using brave goes on it, the tip option does not show.
But I verified it through login and email.
Any comments on how the browser is doing?


Hi @telugua @Hosterjack,
Apologies for late response.

Is the checkmark still not appear? There’s a chance that the checkmark not appear on your end but do appear on other user computer.

@Hosterjack did your friend enable “Auto-contribution” on Brave Rewards? Likely there’s a similar issue logged here



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