Is India now in supported region for Gemini users?

I just randomly clicked on the “Verify your wallet” option that shows in the right side of browser on new page. Usually it doesn’t verify and connect cause India was not supported. But today, man it got connected.

I am not seeing any news or announcement but my verified Gemini wallet just got connected today after a long wait. My wallet was already verified long long time ago but during these changes over the past months, wallet stayed verified but was disconnected from Brave. So, might be that India is on the list now?

If there’s any update regarding this please leave a link for me?

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Gemini users were enabled to connect irrespective of the geo location if priorly connected to Gemini before the regional changes.

See the latest post in the above topic and you can see it for yourself.

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Oh got it. I wasn’t aware of this. Thanks.

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@maniesh Just to make sure no misunderstanding or confusion. This only applies to specific browsers that had been linked to Gemini before. If you reinstall Brave, change devices, do a factory reset, or any of that stuff then it won’t be able to connect to Gemini anymore. This is because the Wallet Payment ID will change and it will see it as a new device, even if it isn’t.


Yeah I tried doing this with other devices and figured this might be the reason. Thanks for mentioning this.

And well, at least my primary device got connected. So some good news for me.

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Let’s say, I update/change my Desktop OS from Windows to Linux will that also be considered as a device change?

Depends. If you backup Brave using

You might be able to do a workaround. Not sure.
But since it’s from windows to another OS I really doubt if this will work, but no problems giving it a try!

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