Comments and requesting a feature in Brave

Hi, i have been using Brave for a while.

I started with Brave Browser with the only purpose of making money with the pay per install program. At the time i was advertising CryptoTab which is a bitcoin mining browser and was only making $0.10 to $0.30 cents per month. At that time there weren’t any profitable browser so i was using CryptoTab. One day i was browsing a money making forum and found Brave Browser and Brave was paying $5 per install on a 30 day install period and worked well. On the forum they were making $300 to $700 per month with installs and i enroll in the referral program to check for myself. I grabbed my link and start advertsing it to bring users using my links and i made a little less than expected my maximum was $70 on one given month and the minimum $5. In other words i was making less then them but i was earning something.

With the ending of the referral program i lose a money making opportunity so i decided to install Brave. (I wasn’t using it as my default browser because it crashed very often). Well, i then actively start using Brave and found out that the “Brave Ads” (something that i wrote frequently about to recommend but never used because of the small profits that it return), can give a small but steady income to users, bigger then CryptoTab.

CryptoTab launch a more ambicious plan called orange pie where they pay $2 per install from UK/US/CA without the 30 days install requirement and here i bring the reason why i wrote this text. Will the tip feature of Brave be available to protocol file:///? Currently i don’t own a site or youtube channel but i develop web apps that open with the browser (for example brave) and i wonder if any time soon the tip feature of Brave will be available to all users without requiring a website or youtube channel confirmation.

My idea is to create banners and other creatives inside the apps requesting users to tip me. Or even further detected in JavaScript the Brave browser and ask for a tip. (All this with privacy first).

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