Brave Update Notice

I loved the way Brave used to highlight the menu icon in the upper right to indicate an update was available. I loved that brave would always update when i restarted it.

Now, the easy to see, but non-blocking highlight is replaced by a RUDE popup that I detest.

I guess Brave no longer automatically updates on start up, because the pop appears when I start brave.

I think Brave has been bought by globalists.

I also hate the way Brave has become difficult to shut down on my phone.

I love that brave will delete all the cookies and cached images when I shut it down on my desktop.


I hate this feature is unavailable for my phone, unless I am willing to also delete my passwords and bookmarks, which are synched to my desktop, which got deleted the first time I tried it on my phone.

I hate getting this nagging notice everytime I login here:

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