Brave Tor Client Updater component missing

Description of the issue:

I’ve set the private window to use Tor

But when I open a private window

I realised that I simply dont have the Brave Tor Client Updater

Everything that I did to Brave:

I just made a fresh install, installed a few extensions and pulled bookmark data from firefox. I’ve set up sync with my phone. I’ve installed IPFS companion. I’ve given the right to some extensions to be active on private browsing.

At some point I have seen the tor indication in the url bar but it seems to have been removed somehow.

Expected result:

Be connected to the Tor network when opening a private window.

The first step to solve probably is to reinstall the Brave Tor Client Updater

Brave Version( check About Brave):

v1.59.124 on macos (intel)

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