Brave Titlebar Color

Just installed the latest version of Brave and really liking it, however I have one issue with the titlebar color in W10.

This is how all windows appear in W10.

However when the Brave window is active it looks like this.


Brave Settings.

Why does not Brave follow the same color scheme as every other one in windows?


No ideas anyone?


I’m surprised that no one has any ideas about this.

Could you check the following:

  1. Open brave://settings/manageProfile.
  2. Make sure Default color is selected under Pick a theme color.

Default color is already selected.

Thank you for checking.

I found an open Github issue regarding the same subject. It looks like you can’t set Brave’s title bar color to match with Windows’ colors as of the moment.

Thank you for your efforts, at least I now know that this is normal behaviour.


You’re welcome. Feel free to voice your opinion in the Github issue above, the more users show interest in the feature, the better.

If you want it to match for now, just select the Blue Color from this option. It will then match the System color.

I also liking the new update of brave… its looking awesome… but your request is actually normal bahavior since its the default of brave browser… but you can actually change the browsers header color by chaning theme by installing it in the chrome web store. You can try brave dark theme, its a lot nicer look and easy for the eye.

Guys, OP wants the title bar color to match Windows’ colors when Brave colors is set to Same as Windows. Changing colors and themes isn’t a solution to OP’s request. Brave developers are aware of the case and they’ve included the feature in their plans, as you can see from the Github issue above.

No, as I said, if he wants to match it temporarily, he can choose the blue theme…

I know he asked for that feature…

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