Brave Text Rendering Across All Sites Became Suddenly Horrific & Causing Massive Eye Strain

Issue: Horrendous Text Rendering Across All Sites causing serious eye-strain

When: Opening the browser and attempting to read ANYTHING.


  1. Long time - explicit user of brave
  2. Previously not an issue
  3. Clean install of win11pro on the same system running win11pro that previously didn’t exhibit this issue (clean install performed to address a non-related driver issue causing full machine lockup - driver issue resolved after clean install)
  4. Went through ClearType Calibration Process in Win11 - no improvement
  5. Hardware Acceleration is Enabled (but also tried disabling - no difference)
  6. Sync’d to other devices (win11 laptop & mobile devices - issue not seen there)
  7. All other text outside of Brave rendered properly on the Desktop
  8. Using the same version of Brave on both Laptop and Desktop
  9. Experimented with different font customization without improvement
  10. I have 3 monitors - 43in ultrawide 3840x1200 & 2x 24in 1920x1080 - all exhibit the same issue
  11. Same GPU pre/post clean install & same drivers (rx7800xt)
  12. Can connect laptop to the same monitor and Brave looks clean
  13. The issue is substantially worse with black text on white backgrounds, like when creating this new topic.

Brave Version: v1.59.124 (Oct 25, 2023)

This is my principal workstation I spend 12-16hrs a day in front of - this is untenable - kindly advise on how to remedy this issue as soon as is feasible! I don’t want to go to another browser!

Here’s 2 side by side images I posted on imgur - from my ultrawide demonstrating the difference

Thank you!

Thank you for providing the detailed report. Can you confirm that this issue occurs under the following conditions as well?

  1. Does this issue occur if you launch a fresh Brave profile (no extensions installed and no other Brave windows open — just the new profile)?
  2. Does this issue occur if you launch the Beta build of the browser (note that downloading/installing/running the Beta build will not overwrite or interfere with your current installation in any way and can be uninstalled after testing).

Preface - It seems I’ve resolved the issue - prior to your reaching out with your questions and suggestions. Thank you for your response -

It was happening in both Private and Normal modes - i did not try the new profile option.

I did not try the beta build - as i did not know that it didn’t overwrite or interfere with the existing installation - if i encounter another issue in the future I will use this as a means of troubleshooting prior to submitting inquiries.

So the resolution to the issue was as follows:

  1. Disable Hardware Acceleration again (2nd time)
  2. Perform a Reset of Brave
  3. Close and kill task for any Brave instances running in task mgr

It is unclear as to whether or not disabling the hardware acceleration resolved this issue (which was my initial expectation - hence trying it previously) or if it was resetting Brave.

I’ve had issues with HA in other chromium browsers (pre-brave) with AMD GPUs but never with this setup - not sure why this would suddenly be an issue. Also not clear why when I disabled and restarted Brave the last time why it didn’t resolve the issue - unless i missed a process still running in task mgr.

I just re-enabled it and used the “restart brave option” as I had originally. The text is still clear - no more jagged text like earlier.

The system has NOT been restarted since this issue began - unclear what triggered it or what resolved it.

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