Problem with pinning the first profile to the Windows taskbar

You first went to the browser and created a profile. Let’s call it profile 0.
You decided to pin it to the Windows taskbar. Everything is great

You have decided to create another profile. Let’s call it profile 1. You decided to pin it to the Windows taskbar. Everything is fine.

And you decide to click on your profile 0 in the taskbar. And this is where the problems begin. Now it will prompt you to choose which profile to open, and if you disable this feature, it will open the LAST used profile.

And if you want to pin 2 different ones to the Windows taskbar, then you will have to create another profile (2) and transfer all your data there.

Tested on Windows 7 & 10.
Brave: 1.37.111. Chromium: 100.0.4896.79 (64 bit)

I cannot reproduce this on my end. When I pin different profiles to the task bar, the browser opens up to the correct profile selected. This is tested on Windows 10.

Would also like to note that for me, the option to prompt me to choose was disabled as well.

I will reach out to the team to see if they might know what is causing this but may be hard given that it doesn’t easily reproduce.

I made the video. @Mattches


The browser must have more than one profile.
You must pin the VERY FIRST PROFILE CREATED (default) to the Windows taskbar.

And now we click on it.

What will happen:

If the Brave window with this profile is not opened, then the profile icon will not be visible on the taskbar, while the icon remains for other profiles (always). [00:24]

After each opening you will be asked to select a profile until you turn it off in the lower right corner.

After disabling the selection, clicking on the pinned icon will simply open the last used profile. [00:52]

And the only solution I’ve found is to keep the very first profile empty, because any other (profile 1, 2 etc) attaches and works just fine.

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