How to pin individual profiles on windows taskbar?

In Edge, I can pin multiple profiles on the taskbar. I have 2 profiles on brave and can only pin the second profile. How do i do it with the first? I’ve done this like 6+ months ago so I don’t remember how I did it. I currently have the default Brave icon and a Brave icon with the second profile pic on the top right. When I click on the regular Brave icon it opens the last used profile which is expected.
Screenshot 2022-04-29 095633
Screenshot 2022-04-29 095815
I tried pinning the first profile but when i close the window of the profile, it reverts to the regular brave icon and as started earlier opens the last used profile which is not what I want it to do.


@Ice21 What I did in Windows 11

  1. Create new profile TEST
  2. In taskbar right-click on TEST icon and choose pin to taskbar

Yes that works, but is there a way to make the very first profile do the same?

I should add to what I said above that I already pinned the first profile before I pinned the TEST profile.

Ok. Clean slate
Nothing Brave is on my taskbar.
Open Brave from start menu, it now as my first profile icon on it.
Right click on it and pin
Create new profile TEST
In taskbar right-click on TEST icon and choose pin to taskbar
to test if it works. I close both first profile and TEST.
The first brave icon I pinned (the one that had the first profile) had the profile icon removed.
When I click on it, it opens the TEST profile.
The TEST profile still has its icon on it.



  1. Go to C:\Program Files\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\Application, Righ_click on Brave.exe, Then send to desktop (create shortcut) -This adress is for 64 bit devices.

  1. In the desktop, right-click on Brave icon you just created, then choose pin to taskbar.
  2. Open Brave from taskbar (or desktop).
  3. Create profile Test or give it any name you want.
  4. In the tasbar, righ-click on the Test profile and choose pin to taskbar.


Sorry I only got up to Step 2.
Mine was in Program Files (x86) but was still able to find it.
I managed to create a desktop shortcut but when I right click on it, it does not show pin to taskbar.


Then, go to start menu, right click on brave app then pin to taskbar.

Good, you did it.

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