Brave Pinned on Windows Taskbar, Right Clicking for New Window options not working correctly

  1. I pinned the Brave Browser to the Taskbar on Windows. Before clicking on the icon, you can right-click on it and get the Tasks options of New window and New incognito window.
  2. After I click on the Brave icon once, the options for the new windows do not appear again. I can unpin Brave from the Taskbar, close the browser, and repin it to the Taskbar to be able to right-click on the icon and get the new windows options again.
  3. This does not affect the pinned Brave icon in the windows start menu as I can still right-click on that and consistently get the new windows options.

The Tasks options for new windows should always appear if I right-click on my pinned Brave browser on the Taskbar.

Brave Version 1.0.1

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