Brave Sync deprecated version on a device that's been clean-reinstalled just after a brave update(?)

Ok so my problem here is that i have a deprecated brave code that i have been using since April 11th 2022. So the story here is that i was doing a custom OS testing that i am currently new at first i tried “LTSB 1803 XOS” and it didn’t work quite good so i putted my brave sync code and it’s still working fine logged on into my discord checked a couple channel downloaded “ggOS 21h1” converted it to ventoy into my usb clean-reinstalled again and downloaded brave and apparently my brave sync code has been “deprecated” for some unknown reason? i don’t even know cause the brave installer was still the same yesterday and just after i installed XOS and now it’s been deprecated? Please reach out to me if you need further information cause it’s not really clear and i’m in a rush right now and currently nervous that i have lost all my saved password in every website i have used in the pass cause i have nothing right now

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Apologies but I’m slightly unclear on the steps taken here. As I understand it, you had a custom OS installed, installed Brave on it, set up a Sync chain on it and everything was fine. Then, you installed a new OS, installed Brave on it, then used that same Sync code from the previous installation to add Brave to that same Sync chain and, after attempting this, you saw the error you’re describing.

Is that correct?

I have this problem, do you know how to fix it?

Please see the following thread for more information:

does this even help?

i commented on that post already and im gonna do it again here,

i now have no access to the old workspace (that brave browser version i was running in my previous working environment), that workspace got bitlocker encrypted weeks ago and i haven’t found the solution to that problem, yet now another problem arises with brave browser “deprecated version of brave”, which is unbelievably ridiculous to me because newer versions of an app supposed to be backward-compatible with older versions; yes i know it’s unreasonable for all previous versions but at least they gotta be compatible in recent versions, and that brave browser my machine was running is not at all that archaic;
we need an update of workaround on this issue now, this situation indicates carelessness in long-term support of brave browser, you guys cannot do this to users.

And I commented on your other posts/comment. Might want to check it instead of bouncing around.

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