Code was generated by a discontinued version of Brave

I can’t upgrade Brave on my primary device because I reset the device, when I try to put my original sync code Brave says that my code was generated by a discontinued version of Brave. What should I do?


If you are still experiencing an issue, please the post linked below. Take care.

we need an update of workaround on this issue now, how can a sync chain be “deprecated” this easily? this fact indicates carelessness in long-term support of brave browser, you guys cannot do this to users.

i now have no access to the old workspace because it got encrypted by windows’s bitlocker, it’s been weeks and i haven’t found the solution to my original problem, now plus another problem with brave browser, how am i support to cope with this?!

We do have one. Actually two.

  1. You can go to Sync and View Sync code. The last word is the 25th word you need.

  2. Or you can use the official link talked about below:

Just so you know, the deprecated aspect is that there’s a 25th word and it changes daily. They didn’t want Sync to be used as a backup. We’ve all used it as one, but it’s not what they intended. Though I’m sure they are trying to consider other options as enough people are giving feedback.

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yes they should make improvement on this matter to avoid future similar incidents;
thanks for your solutions but after i added 25th word it prompted “this code is invalid”, i have carefully checked if the other 24 words correct and they are, so im not sure what’s the issue here again?