Brave support only up to 60 FPS!

When Brave will introduce support more than 60 FPS
I attached pictures to compare Chrome Vs Brave for Android.
Brave lags!!
I did see a lot of similar topics but brave team keeps silent that’s mean it’s a big problem I see…

Can you please tell me what type of device you’re using when you see this behavior?

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Hi, OnePlus 7T Pro . I found only information actually Brave don’t support higher refresh rate than 60…

Can you show me where you found that information? I’ve also reached out to Android team about this for more info.

I did read other opinions. Also I tested a lot of apps for FPS . Chrome, opera, duck, all these browsers works with 90hz exept Brave . Brave engine is old, I didn’t find any answer from people about it from brave team. The question is simple, do they start to support faster refresh rate and when ?

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