Brave keeps automatically saving my real information in "Name" text boxes

Hello there, I am using the latest Brave on Windows 10 and am having a very frustrating problem.

A forum I visit that has a “Name” text box keeps automatically saving ANY name I have ever entered in that box. Now every time I click this box, it automatically wants to suggest any input I have ever put into that box.

I am having a very hard time figuring out why it’s doing this, or how to remove the data.

I visited the site in question, clicked the padlock beside the URL, and deleted all cookies. And the god damn browser is STILL automatically saving my real first name and last name, without permission.

Furthermore, why is there no way to right click these entries and click remove?

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Here’s a screenshot from a random forum, but this is happening across ALL sites

This is ridiculous, why is this even enabled by default?

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Web pages that have input fields … those fields are given a name, so the software can refer to the data using the field’s name.

So if ten websites all use the the name “firstname” and you’re saving data for it, the browser sees the field named “firstname”, looks up the data it has saved (corresponding to that name) and will auto-suggest.

The logic should be … “if the website is AND there is a saved value for “firstname”, display the value”. That way, it would be unique.

But some use the logic, "gather all the values that are associated with the name “firstname”, irregardless of the website.

It’s the autocomplete logic

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