Brave Still Won't Pay Me Earned Rewards For February & March 2021

Same old story. All these months later and Brave won’t pay me what I have earned for February and March. I just got paid today for May and I still have about 12 BAT outstanding. It’s been like this for months. When will I be paid what I’m owed? At this point, I’d prefer they just tell me they’re stealing it from me than being told there’s a glitch and then not fixing it for months on end. I want closure and the BAT I’ve earned.

Any good scammer would know never to 'fess up, deny any wrongdoing, and wait for resignation to set in.

Hey @Garghamel !

Can you please DM me your wallet ID / Browser version / OS / Screenshot of your brave://rewards so I can look into it?

@rasavol343 Please do the same.

Thank you,