Brave simply minimizes the size of the window even if it is maximized before

When I’m watching a video in full screen and I go out of full screen, Brave simply minimizes the size of the window even if it is maximized before putting the video in full screen, this happens to me everywhere, in videos or streams, I already have hardware acceleration activated and I configured Brave from Windows so that it always appears maximized but that error continues

in Chrome this didn’t happen to me

Version 1.65.133

Thank you for reaching out to us.
I apologize but I’m unclear on what exactly you’re describing here. To try and reproduce the issue, I performed the following steps:

  1. Launched Brave on Windows 10
  2. Maximized the window (clicked the “square” icon next to the X icon on the top-right of the window)
  3. Visited and played a video
  4. Full screened the video
  5. Pressed Esc to exit full screen

The result is the Brave window playing the YT video maximized — that is, it looks exactly the same way it did after step 2 above.

Hi, when I open Brave is already maximized, but when I play a video and then I put full screen, doesn’t matter how I go out of full screen, Brave just minimize the size of the window, is not maximized anymore.

I recorded a video so that it is better understood

Ah I see — thank you for the recording, that is very helpful. Going to see if anyone else on the team can reproduce this. It looks like you’re using Windows 11 as well, is that correct?

I’ve been using Windows 10 Pro, and this error started yesterday, I’ve been using Brave for almost a year in this PC, I haven’t done any Windows updates recently or anything like that.