[small quality of life fix] Open new window maximized from a full-screen video

When I pres Ctrl + N, in a maximized window, my new window opens maximized as it should. But when I do this while in a full-screen video (YouTube for instance), my new window opens as large as a maximized one, but not maximized and offset to the bottom right, so there’s a small streak at the top and left of it that takes me to the window behind it whenever I accidentally click it not realizing it’s there. I realise it’s an issue with Chrome, but it’d be a neat little tweak to fix that.

If anyone else is bothered by it, you can use this AutoHotkey snippet I made in the meantime:

#IfWinActive ahk_exe brave.exe
WinWaitActive, New Tab

Replace “New Tab” with your homepage if you use one, assuming it’s not the page the video is on.