Ability to remember Brave Search settings in In-private tabs. I.e., no Discussions, location settings etc

It’s useful because it creates a harmonious Brave Search experience in regular and In-private tabs.

Imho, the purpose of private tabs is to be private. Not to keep any history at all.

Having the browser remembering the user and their activity, violates the concept of private.

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No offense with my cold tone (forgive me for it), but, the browser would not ‘remember’ anything, it would simply apply my pre-defined settings automatically for me, so I don’t have to do it each time I go incognito. These settings are already remembered by the browser all the time, when not incognito. All it’s doing, is pulling data from my computer and applying it as per my wish.

It would not save that data anywhere, specifically, that I went incognito, this particular day and time and applied these specific settings. The browser does temporarily save data incognito, but, that’s not what this is.