Brave Search is stuck in an endless loop

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Description of the issue:
When Brave Search is selected as my Search Engine,
When I search from the address bar or from the Brave Search homepage,
The page will sometimes show me search results for a fraction of a second, and sometimes will just show a blank screen, then the page begins to reload endlessly. Occasionally in between reloads, it will display a message “Prove you’re not a robot”, but there is no CAPTCHA challenge to solve. I assume the page reloads before it can be drawn on the screen.

Brave Version (check About Brave):

Version 1.44.105 Chromium: 106.0.5249.91 (Official Build) (x86_64)

Operating System:
This is happening on 2 different macs that are synced. One Intel and one is an M1

Here is a quick video if it helps. Note, I just realized that I don’t even have to perform a search, just loading the search page results in this endless reload loop


Anyone out there have any suggestions? It’s still happening and I have no idea why. Surely I can’t be the one experiencing this. I really like Brave search and want to get back to using it.

Same problem, what the hell is going on?

Ok, I have been doing a bit more digging and I believe it has to do with setting the theme.

See the video below. It seems that setting a theme should set either a “light” or dark" named cookie. My assumption is that when a user selects a theme, it should set a cookie for the selected theme AND remove any cookies from previously selected themes. However, in some instances, both exist.

It seems like if both cookies exist, the light theme is given priority. My theory is that in the brief window when switching between the themes, the site is spinning up xhr requests to download the proper stylesheets, images, and so on of the given theme. And I guess that sometimes this causes a race condition that causes recursion.

Then after some time, cloudflare thinks we are trying to DOS the domain and gives us a captcha to solve, but we never see it because the page is reloading too fast.

Still poking around, but I think having the plugin “Night Eye - Dark Theme” installed and enabled might have something to do with it. Even with this extension in the “powered off” mode, I can recreate this bug. However, since I disabled the app in brave://extensions/, I have not been able to recreate it. But I’ve only tried a few times. Too early to know for sure.

@swarming , do you by chance have the Night Eye extension (or something similar) installed?

Great summary — forwarding this to the search time right now for review.

Great post. Yes, I made a thread to report the issue in this category and I did indeed find that by disabling Night Eye the issue was totally resolved as I commented in my thread. Glad the mods are now aware of the problem thanks to these threads and your excellent analysis.