Brave search switches to default theme

After I restart my browser Brave search would switch to the system theme when I would like it to use the dark theme.
I had thought it was an issue with my browser deleting site data and cookies when closed, so I set Brave search to not have that deleted but the issue still persisted, if anyone can help that would be much appreciated. Thanks! :]

Browser: Librewolf Version 102.0

Operating System: Arch Linux x86_64

I just saved brave search cookie in librewolf and it gets saved, my configurations are ported over to a new librewolf session.

1.) In the exceptions section, make sure to add http and https links like and

2.) Also, the cookie exceptions is to be done before you make any changes to the site, meaning after opening librewolf, instead of going to brave search and changing stuff; first go to librewolf cookie settings->add http and https site->make changes to brave search->exit the session and start new seesion and see if the changes are ported over.

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