Brave Search - Theme Setting

Dark theme setting is getting reset to white after mobile device reboot.

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If you have configured Brave to clear browsing data on exit, it deletes the theme preference cookie.

Why is it so related to cookie at all? I even btw try to remove those setting and it still reset it back to white…

I don’t know what other way can be used to remember user’s preferences besides cookies. There is no Brave Account that one can log in order to save their preferences.

I tested a few minutes ago, and Brave Search remembers user’s preferences if the user doesn’t clear Brave Search’s cookies.

Provide steps to reproduce your issue, so we can report to developers if there is an issue with the theme preference.


I dont have a problem with the dark theme resetting. However I would much prefer if the dark mode can follow the system theme.
This brings the added benefit of the search page automatically being dark at night-time when my phone switches to dark mode.

Currently I have to remember to switch to dark mode before (or after) blinding myself with the light theme at night time.

@Rethanis… did notice when i clear browser history (including cookies) this does revert back to white… but also noticing that this will just happen regardless if i clear browser history. Still think it is a bug… they might call it a feature but i think settings should stick regardless of closing, clearing history, etc…

Clearing cookies reverts preferences to their default values.

I just cleared all browsing data but cookies, and the theme remained dark. It would reset only if you clear cookies.

I doubt there is a way developers can make the theme preference independent of cookies. There is no account users can log in order to save their preferences, cookies sounds like the only available option as of the moment. It’s definitely not a bug.