Brave search bar turn white and text is unreadable in Android app

I am using brave Android app for a long time now and didn’t have the issue until for the past month. Whenever I open my brave Android app and goto search bar, the color of the search bar turns to white in dark theme. The theme is set to dark and the search bar is the only thing that is not responding to the theme. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled many times and still the issue is not gone. Somebody help me

same problem here. if you turn the theme of your phone system to light mode, you can solve the problem, but is not an optimal solution since you have to start using your phone in light mode.

i’ve also tried going into brave://flags/ to mess with some flags like: #forced-colors, #omnibox-match-toolbar-and-status-bar-color and #enable-force-dark and nothing was changed.

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Yeah. But tried the same on my friends mobile phone by installing the lates version of brave from the store and it was fine for them but this issue for me still there. Brave, please do something

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