Brave can't save downloads to Downloads folder


After my phone received update to Android 10 (Xiaomi Mi 9 SE, MIUI 11, Android 10) problem with saving anything in Brave occured. I saw that many people have same issue and saw that was something fixed, but on latest builds available on Play Store (stable and beta) this problem is still on my phone.

Always when I try to save something it’s saved to /emulated/0/Android/data/com.brave.browser/files/Download
but it should be saved to /emulated/Downloads

In Brave settings path for downloads is set to

My girlfriend have same phone, and it have same behavior - before update to Android 10 it was everything ok, but after update Brave is not saving to Downloads folder.

All other Chromium based browsers are normally saving to /emulated/0/Downloads folder.

Removing - installing Brave again doesn’t help.

Any solution for this?

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