Limited resolutions: YouTube plays in < HD resolution every time; No options above 720p

Description of the issue: When I play a YouTube video on my Asus Zenphone, I can do 4k or higher resolution. When I attempt to play the same video in Brave on my wife’s iPhone 14, it defaults to 360p, and the max resolution available is only 720p. This happens regardless of choosing to show Desktop Site or not.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Go to YouTube within Brave browser on desktop or Android.
  2. Watch video in high resolutions.
  3. Go to same video on iPhone Brave and it is unavailable.

Expected result: Where are all the high resolution options?

Brave Version( check About Brave): I don’t have it in front of me at the moment but I’ll report back, my apologies.

Mobile Device details: Brand new iPhone 14. Checked through any and all potential display, network, or battery settings. Checked through all of Brave’s available settings I could find. Nothing unusual or out of the ordinary. This has persisted through a couple of iOS updates, too. (I’ll post current version asap).

Additional Information: Is this an iPhone issue or a Brave issue? Is there a setting or flag I missed somewhere? Do other people have this issue? It is not my network as I have HD media pass and as I said, my Asus Zenfone on the same network and plan doesn’t display this behavior.

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If you click the “gear” icon in the YT video you should be able to set the resolution to higher than 720p when it is available:

The above was taken from my iPad, which is likely why I was able to go over 720p resolution.

I am also having this issue on my IPhone 14 pro running 16.5.1 and had issues with it prior to the current software update.

The video:

The settings for the video:

We offer max quality available. Check the same video on safari or chrome-ios and it will offer the same video quality options.

Hello, sadly the max quality available is 720p and autos on 360p for IOS using brave, Safari, Google, Google chrome, and Firefox Focus.

I know :frowning: This is what Youtube website decided to offer on iOS and we can’t do much about it

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I understand, thank you for the replies and have a great day!

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