Brave Rewards version won't block ads which the original Brave version did (Copy/pasted)

One new and remaining question though, how do i find this help senter through this version of Brave? There were no obvious “Get Help” button in the Control Brave button like the previous button, i had to copy/paste all URL’s before carrying on to this version.

Apologies but I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking? If you open the main menu (top right) and go to Settings --> About Brave , you’ll find a “Get help” link that brings you to our Help Center.

I navigated to the site with the Family Guy video and I didn’t see any obvious ads nor did I see a suggestions section:

fgsite.gif1871x994 3.54 MB

If you feel like you’re viewing ads where they shouldn’t be, please create a new post in the Ad Blocking category.

(Now it’s me, talking and not the copy/paste) the ads i need blocked should have been obvious, it’s the “look at all these titty kind of games!” banners of four showing up beneath the featured episode.

Yep, I see them. Good looking out.
I’ll add this to the list of sites that bypass Shields.
Appreciate the report.

Came back to point you to this if you’re interested in blocking ads/page elements in Brave you don’t want to see:

The appropriate selector for all four of those ads on that website is:

I knew about that right-click trick but it doesn’t work as introduced. No window appears from which i can complete a blockade against anything shown on any website. It’s dead.

It can sometimes be tricky to find the right selector. In this instance, I’ve done the digging for you and used the correct selector:

Thank you for that, although the code work, the previous Brave version blocked these obnoxious things in advance so that i didn’t have to see them at all. This code i need to copy paste every time i visit the website, it is better than nothing but i really hope this version of Brave can update and resemble the previous Brave version in that respect.

You actually don’t have to copy and paste it every time.
CSS rules set this way will remain in effect until you remove them (Right click --> Brave Icon --> Clear CSS rules for this site)

You say that but once i block the spam as instructed, then do the clearing of CSS rules for this site; I shut down my windows, open them up again for a ‘reboot’ and there the spam are once again like before. It doesn’t work.

Well that’s because you cleared the CSS rules.

Block the element as instructed/desired, they disappear. Now, browse normally.
Then shudown your machine, put it to sleep - whatever. Next time you return to the site, those elements will still be blocked. They become unblocked - that is, they will reappear - only when you clear the CSS rules for the site.

Let me know if any of this is still unclear.

Perhaps i’m misunderstanding something, but i do like you told me to; Block the stuff with the given code, go back and forth or simply forth and onward on the same page to another video/episode aaaand the spam are right back at the beginning again. Are you underlining that this trick won’t work unless i block once, exit the page entirely (also the browser?) and then reboot or put my computer to sleep and activate it again?

If you properly blocked those elements, they should not be appearing on screen at all. The only reason this would change on this website is if the ads themselves are of a different form, or use a different selector than the one you specified when initially blocking. This is me browsing that same website:

:point_up: The page at the beginning of the gif is the original FG episode you linked me to. I’d previously had those elements blocked. From there, I navigated a few videos back, and then chose a random link in the sidebar. No ads appeared in the spot where the filter had been told to block.

Restarting the browser, computer, etc etc, that was all just me saying “You should be able to do whatever you want after blocking them with the filter”.

Let me know if you still need assistance.

How do i make gif recordings like you do without Facebook? ( Dislike Failbook for the same reason i left Goolag) so i can show you how the blocked content simply reverts every time i do it on my end. Perhaps i left something out in the copy/paste code or forgot to uncheck or check anything before i progressed.

Apologies for the late response.
You can use LICEcap to record gif videos.
Free, open source and very easy to use.

Amazing software, thanks for the tip! Here ya go, tell me what i do wrong.

That is very strange.
If you’re up for it, lets do some additional testing. Try the following tests:
Test 1

  1. Visit
  2. At the top, attempt to block one of the main story image tiles at the top (see gif)
  3. Blocking these should be straight forward and not require any code digging - the selector that is pre-filled in the box is likely to be the correct one.
  4. Once blocked, navigate around the site for a bit
  5. Return to the IGN homepage.

Reasoning: I’m simply testing to make sure that the selector is holding/storing the Selector in general. It clearly gets applied but it may be getting erased/reset when you leave the page.

Test 2:

  1. Visit
  2. Find a prompted 1st party Reddit ad (see gif below)
  3. Use the filter to block this promoted ad (tip: Right-click on the top-leftish side for best accuracy)
  4. Block the ad, navigate around the site, return to homepage.

Reasoning: Checking to see if all ads ignore filter on refresh or if there’s other shenanigans at play.
Let me know what you find out.

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Aha, i did exactly as instructed. And the selected things i ‘censored’ did not return once i returned to the front page of said websites again, they remained censored!

Why is my amusement page different then?
And why am i quoting myself when i chose your comment to reply to?

Can’t help ya with that one!

Okay so the filter is working then. I’m honestly not sure what the deal is. Lemme reach out to a couple people who may know for additional input. Thanks for working with me.

What is the URL for the amusement page, and which ad(s) are you trying to block? Happy to take a look.

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