Brave rewards tax questions!

I withdrew about $10 in BAT through Uphold, and Taxbit (a built-in optional app for Uphold) notified me that I had created a “taxable transaction” by doing this.

So, I’m wondering

  1. is this really a taxable transaction?
  2. If it is a taxable transaction, then apparently I’m supposed to calculate the pooled “cost basis” of the BAT at the “time of purchase.” Since I didn’t purchase the BAT from Brave Rewards, would my “cost basis” be $0.00? Or would it be the value of the BAT in USD at the time they were awarded to me?

I know $10 is not a big deal, but at the same time, the IRS seems to care about every penny they appropriate, so I’d like to know I’m not creating even a tiny liability through non-compliance.

I would appreciate any insight into this!

well you have to inform yourself about paying taxes in your country. in germany for example there is the “Gewerbeschein”, with it you can run a small business, you send your transactions from your business to them and they calculate the tax you have to pay.

Yes, my bad, I did not mention: I am a United States citizen.

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