Taxation for Bat from Creators

Hi everyone . I have a question. Do i need to pay taxes for the BAT i get from Creators.

Could someone share the experiences .? Especially some in in France or Portugal.

Thank you in advance.

Umm I don’t know.

Check if the above post helps a bit, its for the USA though but you might get an idea.
@Mattches @SaltyBanana @Saoiray @steeven any help ?

@kaiba We’re not legal experts and not going to be able to answer you directly for your situation. The generic answer is if you’re withdrawing the earnings to your bank, then you most likely will have laws in your country that require reporting for income. That said, some countries have income limits for reporting. In addition, how it’s counted also will vary. Some see cryptocurrency the same as stocks or bonds and will tax them as such. Others see it as property rather than money. Needless to say, there are quite a large number of ways that various governments track crypto and what is required of you.

I would advise you to search for answers yourself, as it’s not hard to pull up results if you type in things like France cryptocurrency tax which will show you some current laws. Otherwise I would suggest you reach out directly to your accountants or government (such as IRS equivalent) to get the specific answers you need.


Je suis français. Ma réponse ne vous aidera pas directement, mais ça pourrait vous donner un début de piste.

Au niveau entrepreneur et entreprise, je ne sais pas comment cela se passe. Mais au niveau “particulier”, je sais qu’en dessous d’un gain annuel inférieur à 300 ou 305€ par an, il n’est pas nécessaire de déclarer le revenu.

J’ai aussi vu, dans Uphold que j’utilise à mon niveau, qu’il était possible d’intégrer à l’application, une application qui calcule ce que vous devez déclarer.
Par contre, je ne pourrais pas vous dire si la fluctuation du marché de la DEFI aurait une incidence sur la déclaration finale.

Vous pourriez trouver des infos sur le site

thank you so much. i will try !

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